Student teaches friends how to write numbers in Chinese

Students in third grade learned about Chinese New Year and when it is celebrated.  Did you know the Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar?  Legend says that a monster named Nian would come to New years Eve.  People would fear the new moon.  One boy came together with fire, the color red, and loud noises and scared Nian away.  Now instead of fearing the new moon, we celebrate it!

Students in third grade learned about the history of Chinese New Year including traditions such as fireworks, dragon parades, red envelopes or wealth and much more. 

Third grade paired with Panda Express and enjoyed a family meal of orange chicken and lo mein (to signify Happiness and Longevity). Lyanah shared her family traditions and taught the third grade how to write the numbers 1-5 in Chinese and Parker's mom taught them all how to use chop sticks!  It is so important to learn about and respect other cultures.