School Hours/Arrival and Pick Up Procedures

School hours at LaPerche are as follows:

Student Instructional Hours 8:15 AM-2:45 PM.

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students may be dropped off starting at 7:45 AM and will be supervised on the playground or in the cafeteria in inclement weather.

Morning PreK student hours are from 8:15 AM - 10:45 AM. Students may be dropped at 8:10 AM.

Afternoon PreK student hours: 12:15 PM - 2:45 PM. Students may be dropped at 12:10 PM.

Extended Day PreK hours: 8:15 AM-1:45 PM. Students may be dropped at 8:10 AM.

Preschool students enter LaPerche through door #13.

K-5 students enter LaPerche through door #2.

Arrival Procedures

K-5 students may be dropped at school starting at 7:45 am. Please enter the driveway on Ridge Rd and proceed up the driveway to the school. Pull all the way to the front of the line and stop there. Remain in your car while your child exits your car on the passenger side only. LaPerche staff will be located along the driveway to greet families and assist students during arrival. Students will enter through door #2. They will proceed to the cafeteria or the playground depending on the weather.

PreK students may arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled time. Students will proceed to door #13 where they will be met by LaPerche staff members.

Students who are walking to school can stand with their family members along the front curb until the doors open at 7:45 AM.

Bus drop-off and pick-up will take place in the back of the building. Students will be met by LaPerche staff and enter the school through door #9. They will proceed to the cafeteria or to the playground depending on the weather.

Dismissal Procedures

The dismissal bell rings at 2:45. At that time, car riders and walkers will be dismissed.

Families may park in the long LaPerche driveway (access the driveway on Ridge Road--it is one way only).

Cars may be parked on the flag pole side of the driveway only. Please do not wait for a spot to open and block the traffic behind you. You may have to take a few laps around until you find a spot to park. Just put on a great song, sing along and relax. A spot will open up quickly after dismissal starts.

Please get out of your car and ine up at door #13 to pick up preschool students, door #1 to pick up 3-5 grade students and door #2 to pick up K-2 grade students.

As always, we ask everyone to DRIVE SLOWLY in the driveway! Let's work together to keep everyone safe.

Students who are walking home or being dismissed to families who park in the neighborhood next to the school will meet Mrs. Beckel near door #3 and be escorted to the crossing guard. Please meet your child on the school side of the crosswalk or provide written permission that they can walk home unsupervised.

Busses will be called over the intercom and students will proceed from their classrooms to the bus door, door #9. Students will be escorted to the bus.

All of these routines and procedures will be explicitly taught to all students so they fully understand the process.