Three ladies show one of the completed mats

Today, Theresa Church from the Mat Ministry visited LaPerche during morning meeting to share amazing mats she creates from plastic grocery bags.  The dry and clean grocery bags are woven into water proof, lightweight mats that are given to homeless people.  The mats provide insulation from the cold and the heat.  They are water proof and lightweight in design which makes them portable.  It takes 500 bags to make one mat.  The women weave a handle into the bag to make it easy for a person to carry it from place to place.

LaPerche continues to encourage everyone to use reusable bags but on those day when you forget them, send the plastic ones to school to be used to create something amazing!  There will be a white trash in the foyer of LaPerche can ready to accept your clean and dry bags.  The bags can be any size or color. Thank you in advance for your support!