Focus on Science Instruction

Dr. Monaco, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, and members of East Bay Collaborative, joined Mrs. Dorsey and visited kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms to view science instruction.  The feedback was very positive!

  • Science kits were clearly being used

  • Rich discussions between students and between students and teachers were observed

  • Teachers led students down a path of inquiry when setting up experiments; they did not give students answers but rather probed their thinking

  • Students were making higher level predictions using science language

  • Scientific Method and control groups were discussed

  • Teachers embedded comprehension strategies and the use of text features into science

  • Focus questions were used to guide and ground instruction

  • Science vocabulary was emphasized; students were expected to use proper vocabulary

  • Students were highly engaged.

  • Science notebooks were used in a variety of formats

  • High level of detail with drawing and labeling in science notebooks