Information about Virtual Learning

Questions from families:

Since the Commissioner decided that Friday, April 3 will be a professional day for teachers, what do the kids do? It is a break for all so we can all take a breath! Elementary is asking the kids to finish any owed work, read to themselves, siblings, and stuffed animals, play a math game, draw, sing, build, and play outside! Whew!  We all need a laid back day!

Also, write a letter to these wonderful people at Atria Lincoln Place!

SurveyWorks- If you did not have a chance to take the survey before school shut down, please take ten minutes and do so today.  Your opinion is so important!

You can take the short survey online. To take the survey, visit:  LaPerche Elementary School code is 31108family. 

Sharing pictures--Thank you all for the amazing photos you are sharing.  Keep them coming. I need some for the websites. Can you please take some horizontally with about an inch of space at the top and bottom I can cut off and not ruin the picture?  When they are taken too close the kids get cut off. I also still want the beautiful close ups as well!!

No phones or other electronics while “in school”- Please be sure that your kids DO NOT have their cell phone with them while attending virtual school.  Kids are texting and messaging each other during school and taking and posting photos of students and the teacher.  Please be the keeper of all electronics except for the device their are using to attend school.

Who do I contact if I can’t get on a google classroom? Email Mrs. Bazinet and Mrs. Dorsey on the same email and we will help you get on.

What do I do if I forget to do my child’s attendance?   If it is the same day, just jump on the document and enter it.  If it is the next day, email Mrs. Bazinet and she can take care of it for you.

I just realized that I hadn't submitted my child’s attendance.  I submitted it just after 9. I'm hoping that she will not be considered tardy since she has been doing school work.  Could you clarify if this happens on occasion, due to the circumstances, that the student will be considered tardy or not? We are not tracking tardies!  You can submit when you remember.  Thanks!

Will the links parents have been getting in email for the Google Hangouts Meets and others things be sent via google classroom starting next week so the students can access them?  Yes, they will be.  If your child is comfortable on Google Classroom, he/she can get to all of the meets and other links that way. Kids will need some support to start but then most grades will be able to be independent.