Update from LaPerche-October 11, 2019

When you have a few minutes, please read the latest update below  from LaPerche!  

Today LaPerche was #Noahstrong! There was a sea of green everywhere you looked and a feeling of love and support for the Antunes family.  Mrs. Antunes joined us for Morning meeting to say thank you and let us know how much Noah and the whole family appreciates the amazing support they are receiving.  The fifth grade class was able to facetime with Noah from the hospital and it was wonderful to hear his voice and see his smiling face! Pictures are coming soon! For updates from Noah’s family, you can request to join the facebook page Noah’s Fight


Local Food Ambassador Program

  • The Local Food Ambassador is returning to LaPerche Tuesday, October 15 during lunch!  

  • The goals of the program are to 

    • ....give students the opportunity to try nutritious foods, maybe for the first time!

    • ....encourage  young people to enjoy fruits and vegetables from an early age.

    • ...create fun and memorable experiences and positive food environments.

    • ....help build community among food service providers, families, school staff, and the students! 

  • We are looking for some volunteers to join us for lunch while the kids taste the food and try and determine the ingredients!

  • K-2 lunch is at 11:40 and 3-5 lunch is at 12:20.  If you have a current BCI on file with the Smithfield Police and have completed volunteer training with mrs. Dorsey, come on out and join us!


Morning Drop Off Reminders:

  • You may not get out of the car if you pull up on the school side.  If you want to help with a backpack or give a hug, please park on the flagpole side and then walk your child over.

  • If your child is serving on Safety Patrol or Student Council, he or she is welcome to come into the building between 8:05 and 8:15.  Siblings may not be dropped off early. 

  • All other students must be supervised by their family until the paraprofessionals are outside on duty at 8:20.  Please do not leave your child until you see the LaPerche Staff.  

  • Children are only to be dropped off in front of the school.  Student may not be dropped off in the parking lot behind the school.



SSELAC (Special Education Local Advisory Committee)

  • Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 15 at 6:30 at LaPerche. 

  • Childcare is available for this and all SSELAC meetings--If you are a parent of a child receiving special education services in Smithfield, please complete this brief survey so the team can plan the year around the interests and needs of our families. Thank you!!

  • Smithfield Special Education Local Advisory Committee Questionnaire

  • If you have any questions about SSELAC, please reach out to LaPerche mom, Kristen Ricciardelli at kricca88@yahoo.com


LaPerche Spooktacular:

  • Our third annual Spooktacular is scheduled for Friday, October 25th!   Please see the school website for all the details! Pumpkins can be brought in anytime starting Monday, October 20th.  Print the attached and send it to school or sign up here:  https://spooktacular-2019.ched...


Information from the Nurse: 

  • Please see the updated Nurse’s Notes for the latest information from Mrs. Orticerio.


Sign Up to Get Pawed:


LaPerche PTA Student Directory and PTA Membership

  • Each year the PTA creates a directory of all LaPerche families that you can use when looking for homework clarification, planning playdates, inviting friends to a birthday party or just to get in touch with a LaPerche family. 

  • This year, the PTA is collecting student directory information in this form, any information is optional to complete and is private to LaPerche families.


Box Tops:

  • As you know, this year Box Tops is going digital.  Visit this link to sign up and start scanning your receipts! If you do not want to scan your receipts (Target, Stop and Shop, Dave’s receipts, please feel free to send them in and we will do it for you! LaPerche PTA earns 10 cents for each one. All physical BoX Tops must be sent in by October 15 as they are due by November 1. 


Please visit the school website for other LaPerche news!


Enjoy the long weekend with your family and we will see you Tuesday!