Talking with Friends

LaPerche students are joining thousands of schools across the country by participating in Start with Hello Week.  The purpose of the week is to promote "connectedness and inclusion" and to reduce the loneliness and isolation many kids feel.  To learn more about the week visit

Today at LaPerche, students in grade three through five chose a number from a basket as they walked into lunch.  The number indicated which table they would sit at for lunch.  The students were asked to introduce themselves to others at the table and were given a sheet of conversation starters. 

The kids were asked choose a question to read and then go around the table and answer.  The goals were to meet new people who you did not know and then learn something about them. Some of the questions included:

What is your favorite summer memory and why?

Do you like gloves or mitten and why? 

Would you rather star in a tv series or movie?  Why?

Many students enjoyed the lunch and were comfortable taking the lead and keeping the conversation going.  Some students felt uncomfortable since they did not know many of the students at the table and the grades were all mixed together.  

Overall, we know that when you sit and talk together the walls come down and the friendships start to grow!  Ask your third, fourth or fifth grader who they sat with and what did they learn about the kids at their table.

Next month, students will choose a new number and sit with a new group of students who we hope, will eventually become friends! We will continue to try this process once a month throughout the school year.

On Thursday, students and staff are asked to wear green and complete random acts of kindness to keep Start with Hello Week going!  Who can you reach out to and say HELLO?