Mission Statement

The mission of R.C. LaPerche Elementary School, as an inclusive learning community devoted to high standards and best teaching practices for all students, is to inspire life-long learning and to develop responsible, self-confident children capable of effective communication and problem solving, through a collaboration of parents, teachers, students, and the community, which fosters a safe, respectful environment, recognizing diversity and individuality.

PARCC Testing Schedule

This year, LaPerche students will only take the PARCC state assessment once, at the end of April or beginning of May. At LaPerche our goal is to create a stress free environment during state assessments and anytime our students take a test. The students are well prepared for the assessments not because we teach to the test but because we teach the standards and base our curriculum on those standards. The PARCC test was created to test students knowledge of standards.

 Third, fourth and fifth graders will each have 4 sessions of ELA and 3 sessions of math. LaPerche students will take one ELA session in the morning and one Math session in the afternoon. After 3 1/2 days of testing, the grade level will be finished!

 Please do your best not to schedule any doctor or dentist appointments or vacations during testing to avoid the need for make ups. Student taking make ups will be missing institutional time in the classroom. If you have any questions about the testing schedule, please feel free to email or call Mrs. Dorsey at jdorsey [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org or 231-6652.

 Third and Fourth Grade--Tuesday, April 26-Friday, April 29

Fifth Grade--Tuesday, May 3-Friday, May 6



LaPerche Ledger--March 2016

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Reminder to all third, fourth and fifth grade students:

Please bring your recorders and band instrucments to school on Monday and Tuesday, March 28 and 29.  We will hold two grade level rehearsals in preparation for the concert on Wednesday, March 30 at Smithfield High School. 

LEAP Afterschool Classes Begin on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

 Visit http://rclaperchepta.org/leap-2/ to sign your child up for Mad Science, Dodge Ball, Animal Adventures, Carpentry, Multi Sports, and more!  Classes being on Tuesday, February 23!

Essential 55--Rule #5

 At LaPerche, the 5th grade student council teach a different RULE from the book The Essential 55 by Rob Clark every few weeks. Mr. Clark is an award winning teacher who wrote these 55 rules for "discovering the successful student in every child". When the 5th grade student council is asked to chose a new rule, they reflect on what they see happening in the building and choose a rule they feel needs to be introduced or reinforced.


Recently the student council chose Rule #5--If you win or do well at something, do not brag. If you lose, do not show anger. This rule applies to all areas of school not just on the playground or in the gym.


At Morning Meeting we talked about sportsmanship and the importance of winning with GRACE. This means you give a high five and say good game whether you win or lose.


Rule #5 also applies to the classroom. At times, some academic areas come easy to a student. During those times, we may hear him or her say "this is so easy" even when he or she see that others are struggling. We talked to the kids about feeling proud of yourself on the inside but not bragging about your accomplishments. 


Feel free to use the same language and refer to RULE #5 at home to reinforce good sportsmanship.

Kindergarten Registration--January 25-28, 2016

Do you have a child who will be coming to Kindergarten in the Fall? Do you know of a Smithfield family who has a Kindergarten age child? If so, kindergarten registration will take place at all Smithfield Elementary Schools from January 25 through 28. If your home school is LaPerche, please call Mrs. Bazinet at 231-6652 to schedule an appointment. Thank you for helping us spread the word.

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Raymond C. LaPerche Elementary School is one of four elementary schools in the Smithfield Public School system. Our school is dedicated to Raymond C. LaPerche, a former teacher, principal and superintendent in the Smithfield Public Schools for 41 years. LaPerche first opened its doors in 1968 and presently serves students in kindergarten to grade five.