Mission Statement

The mission of R.C. LaPerche Elementary School, as an inclusive learning community devoted to high standards and best teaching practices for all students, is to inspire life-long learning and to develop responsible, self-confident children capable of effective communication and problem solving, through a collaboration of parents, teachers, students, and the community, which fosters a safe, respectful environment, recognizing diversity and individuality.

Summer Learning Opportunities for LaPerche Students--June 2017

Summer is almost  here and with that comes endless hours of fun and relaxation for our students and hopefully some relaxing time for you too!  Throughout the school year, every LaPerche student  made great academic strides and we are depending upon our families to assist us in maintaining those important skills throughout the summer months.
Research tells us that children who don’t read and write outside of school, especially during long breaks such as summer vacation, face a big loss in their academic growth compared to those who do continue learning all year long.  This means the summer months and other breaks from school offer wonderful opportunities for families, caregivers, and out-of-school educators to help improve reading, writing, and math.
How can you as a family member, caregiver, or educator help your child continue learning all summer?  This year we are offering a variety of summer learning opportunities to engage all LaPerche students.  Students who complete their summer learning will be invited to an Outdoor Fun Festival which will take place during school on Friday, September 22. When the students return to school in August, they will receive a form to document their summer work that will be signed by an adult and used as a ticket to the Outdoor Fun Festival!
Choose activities from the list below to provide your child with a balanced learning experience.  The students are not expected to complete all of the activities but they are expected to spend 30-45 minutes (depending on age) 3-5 days a week on summer work.  Additional time can certainly be spent reading for pleasure!
Please feel free to email (jdorsey [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org) with any questions. I hope you and your family have a safe, relaxing and fun-filled summer break!
Happy Learning,
Mrs. Dorsey
  • Summer Bridge Book--  Don’t forget that you are ordering the book that indicates the grade that your child is leaving and the grade the your child entering.  For my son who is going into 4rd grade, I ordered the Grade 3-4 book. Summer Bridge Books can be ordered online at http://www.summerbridgeactivities.org/. Additionally, Barnes and Noble also has them for sale.
  • Packets from the School-Your child may have received a packet from Mrs. Beckel, Mrs. Ferreira, Mrs. Furtado, Mrs. Wrytral, Mrs. O’Hara or another teacher at LaPerche.
  • A Personalized Learning Resource for all Ages--Khan Academy--https://www.khanacademy.org/
    • From the Website-- “Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content.”
  • Letter Writing--I would love to hear from the LaPerche kids about new information they are learning this summer.  If your child would like to share new learning, please encourage him/her to write to me at the school address; Mrs. Dorsey, 11 Limerock Road, Smithfield, RI 02917. Pictures and photographs are encouraged!

Access to Mulch or Compost.--May 10, 2017

The new garden at LaPerche is moving forward with leaps and bounds thanks in large part to some generous donations.  Thank you to Apple Valley Earth Products and Smithfield Peat for donating mulch and compost, to Mr. Bob, behavior consultant at LaPerche for donating plants and to Mr. Folco, dad to Leah in fourth grade, for donating the lumber and then his time to build the benches and raised beds.  They look incredible! 
We are at the point where we need additional mulch and compost for the raised beds.  Does anyone have a connection to a company that might be interesting in donating to the school? Or would like to make a donation so we could purchase the mulch and compost? We need approximately four to five more yards of each.  If so, please email Mrs. Dorsey at jdorsey [at] smithfield-pr [dot] org or call the school at 231-6652 and thank you in advance for your donation!
The garden team is meeting at 3:30 today, and every Monday, to continue to work in the garden.  All are welcome to join us!

Reminders from LaPerche--May 8, 2017

A Few Reminders from LaPerche...
Tomorrow, Monday, May 8, starts Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week!  Monday is flower day--real flowers, paper flowers, a drawing of flowers, etc...For all the information regarding teacher and staff appreciation week, click on the link below.  You may need to paste the link into a new browser. Thank you in advance for celebrating our wonderful teachers and staff!
Our third day of gardening will take place at 3:30 tomorrow after school!  All are welcome to join us!  Bring your gardening tools and your energy and meet us at the gazebo. 
Tomorrow, Monday, May 8 starts PARCC testing for our 5th-grade students.  Please feel free to send in sugarless gum or assorted mints for your child to consume during testing. Of course, we will also have a supply on hand for students who forget.
Additionally, for all ELA tests, students will be required to use headphones as there are short videos to watch and respond to. Students are welcome to bring in their own headphones or borrow a pair from school. Headphones may not be wireless as they will not work with PARCC. All school headphones are cleaned with alcohol pads after each use.
5th graders are testing Monday, May 8 through Thursday, May 11
Please be diligent about getting your child to school on time during testing weeks (and every day!)


Fidget Spinners

Dear Elementary Families,

Happy Friday! We are sure that by now you have heard about "spinners" from your children. Over the past few weeks, we have seen a huge increase in the number of students coming to school with spinners.  As a district, we certainly recognize the need of a fidget for some of our students for therapeutic purposes.  However, the spinners are being used by most students as toys.  Students are spinning them on the top of their water bottles, playing with them in the lunchroom vs. eating their lunches and distracting others during instruction in the classroom.

As of Monday, May 8, students will no longer be allowed to bring spinners to school.  As we always have, our schools will continue to provide appropriate sensory tools for students who need them.


Thank you for your cooperation,

The Smithfield Elementary School Principals 


Smore News from LaPerche --May 3, 2017

Please click on the link below to view the latest update from LaPerche.  If you are someone who works at LaPerche, please do not click on the link!  Thank you to all!

You may need to copy and paste the link into a new window.


Update from LaPerche--May 1, 2017

Update from LaPerche!!
Amazing Volunteers:
Today, we had an amazing group of students, parents, grandparents and teachers volunteer their time to help prepare the area near the gazebo for planting! It was hard work and the group persevered and are thrilled to report that we are ready for phase 3 of our garden project--PLANTING TIME! Next Monday, May 8, and each Monday going forward, we will meet at 3:30 near the gazebo to work on our garden. Grab your tools, gardening gloves, water bottle and come and join the fun! Pictures were posted on facebook. If you would like access to the pictures, please "friend" Raymond C. LaPerche on facebook and Mrs. Bazinet or I will get you access.  If you are not on facebook, consider creating an account simply to view all the awesome things happening at our school!
Perseverance and Work Ethic:
Today was our first day of PARCC testing for the third and fourth graders.  The students were so focused and put forth their best effort working diligently to share their knowledge.  The teachers were beyond impressed with the work ethic, but as we told them this morning, they have the knowledge and skills to complete the test.  Thank you to all who sent in gum and mints!  We ask you to continue to send it in throughout the testing window.  The kids certainly love this privilege of chewing gum!
Variety Show:
Our annual LaPerche Variety Show will be held on Friday, May 5 starting at 6:00.  Please plan to come out to support our friends who are brave enough to take to the stage to entertain us all! We have 34 acts in all with students from kindergarten through fifth grade prepared to wow you with their talent!
Supporting the Garden Project:
On Friday, May 5, during the Variety Show, the garden committee is hosting a bake sale and concession stand.  We are looking for wonderful LaPerche families to help us raise money for the garden by supplying items for the bake sale.  We are asking for dinner type food (calzones, pizza, etc...), desserts, chips, granola bars, water and anything else you think the crowds will enjoy! PLEASE, NO FOOD WITH NUTS.  THANK YOU!   If you are able to supply an item, please email Mrs. Bazinet at sbazinet [at] smithfield-ps [dot] org Thank you in advance for your support!!
PTA Meeting
Our next PTA meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3 at 6:30 followed by a 5th-grade committee meeting at 7:30!  
See you all soon!


Welcome Back! April 2017

LaPerche Families,
Tomorrow, Monday, April 24, WE head back to school and then after school, WE break ground on our new Edible Ecosystem at LaPerche!!  
Who is we?  WE is all of us at LaPerche!  
Our Revive the Roots leader, Chris English, will guide us tomorrow afternoon as we edge the new beds and lay down the mulch for our garden.  We plan to start right at 3:30 so grab your wheelbarrow and shovels and join us at the gazebo tomorrow at 3:30!
A huge thank you to Apple Valley Earth Products for our first donation! Apple Valley Earth Products is owned by our own Mrs. Harrison and her husband, Joe, and his family.  They donated 8 yards of mulch which we will spread tomorrow over the newly edged garden beds!! Thank you, Apple Valley Earth Products!
We have many needs for our garden including tools, a shed, plants, trees, rain barrels, and more!  If you know of any company that might be interested in supporting this incredible educational opportunity or if you are someone who is comfortable asking for donations, please email me and I will share the donation letter with you. 
I look forward to seeing all of our kids tomorrow at 8:20 and seeing you at 3:30 ready to garden! 
Enjoy the last day of vacation!


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Raymond C. LaPerche Elementary School is one of four elementary schools in the Smithfield Public School system. Our school is dedicated to Raymond C. LaPerche, a former teacher, principal and superintendent in the Smithfield Public Schools for 41 years. LaPerche first opened its doors in 1968 and presently serves students in kindergarten to grade five.